A Miracle Horse

2 Oct

It happened three weeks ago, an autistic child spoke. She sang in a shrill quiet voice “Hi” to her therapy pony, Quest.  It was the first time in her eight years of life that she has ever made an intelligible sound.  Her language usually consists of shrieks and shrills, flapping of her hands, pinches and bites, but today, she spoke and all present heard her voice.  This miracle
and many more have happened at Raise Your Dreams Farm.  Children gain mobility, balance, self-esteem, and communication skills at their Equine Therapy; it is the horses that inspire
them to try to reach new heights.

Sadly, in New Jersey, 1 in 94 children will be classified as being on the spectrum disorder of Autism.  When hearing the news some parents, feel overwhelmed, fearful, tired, and frustrated. But for many of those parents who live in Salem County, receive great support from the Salem County Center forAutism.  This organization pays for theservices and therapies, including Equine Therapy at Raise Your Dreams Farm.

As the owner of Raise Your Dreams Farm and www.anythingforhorseandrider.com, I have witnessed the miracle of the horse.  Horses are rythmic and enable the children to find harmony.  I have so many children here that speak for the first time, walk for the first time, and it is because of the horse.  www.anythingforhorseandrider.com was formed to help offset the cost of providing therapy to these very special children.

Please consider posting any horse related item or business to www.anythingforhorseandrider.com, and be a part of our miracle network!

One Response to “A Miracle Horse”

  1. anythingforhorseandrider October 2, 2011 at 10:22 AM #

    Loved your story! Horses are the miracle workers!

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