With God ALL things are possible!

23 Oct

Hunter came to my farm listing to the side, supported by his mother.  She signed that he was going to ride and with that he let out a grunt.  He was so weak on his right side that I had to ride behind him for support.  He grabbed my hand tightly with his left hand that I was shocked by his strength.  We rode across the fields and stopped at trees so that he could pluck leaves and feed them to the pony.  He would scream and rock back in forth in great delight.  He loved seeing Button’s large head turn around and lip the leaves.  Then he would sign that he wanted to do more.  We would encourage him to use his weak hand, but to no avail, he would not do it.  As the year ticked by and therapy sessions increased, he became so independent that he was now riding on a saddle with the help and support of side walkers.  He loved riding and we moved him up to another pony, Quest.  Now Hunter, rides ram rod straight, he no longer lists to the side.  Though he still needs the support of the side walkers, he steers with his bad hand, jumps tiny cross rails, and rides through our weeping willow tree with abandon.  He trots down the driveway, and triumph is on his tiny face, for the angels in heaven clap and rejoice over this little boy that conquered what Doctors said he would never be able to do.  He walks all by himself, he plays with our dogs, and loves to ride with the wind in his hair and the sun on his face.  Hunter has made all of us believe that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!

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