Horses Save My Day

21 Nov

I am not sure when I fell in love with the sound of hay being munched by my horses, or the soft nickering they make when I am carrying warm bran mash mixed with cut apples and carrots with a drizzle of molasses.  What I do know, is that horses save my day.

I am a high school special education teacher, I have one hundred plus kids rush through my classroom every day.  I am at a frantic pace throughout the work day that I sometimes forget to eat.  I deal with teenage break ups, high school drama, students that carry the burden of broken families, or severed ties with loved ones.  Then I race home to teach riding lessons at my farm, Raise Your Dreams Farm.

ImageI slip into bed for a few precious hours of rest, only to rise again at 3:30 and do it all over again.  Why do I do it?   My horses slow my pace down, they make me linger over the sound of them licking their bowls and munching their hay.  I bury my cold face into their fuzzy winter fur.  I linger over their hay breath that streams out of their nostrils and into my hair.  My horses make me want to get up and do it all over again.  Their gentle presence implores me want to slow down and relax.  Then I slip over to Hershey, my Thoroughbred, and rest on his broad shoulder and give thanks to GOD that He has given me my dream and made me realize that He gave me these horses to force me to rest a while and enjoy their divine purpose.  Yep, horses save my day!

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