Thundering Hooves on Fields of Glory

26 Nov

Raise Your Dreams, Bud, died on a beautiful fall day right after Thanksgiving. Our twenty four years together brought excitement and love to my life. It has been in the last years of his life that I have needed him the most. I bought a horse farm and named it after him, Raise Your Dreams Farm, I got married, I started a new business, and took on more responsibilities. He was the one that I could go to when the going got rough, he would tenderly rest his head on my shoulder and pull me towards him. He was sensitive to the other horses, and he would spend hours standing sentinel while they all slept. He would form friendships with the new horses and welcome them into the herd, for if Bud approved them, then they were in and he never turned anyone down. He loved children and would tenderly eat from their precious hands. He was sure to walk gently in their presence. I have not gone outside since, he has been gone. It will feel strange and eerily quiet without his nicker, or his bright eyes beckoning me to scratch his itchy spots. I praise the LORD, he did not suffer. His death like his life was sweet. I know his thundering hooves are racing across the fields of glory and I know he has promised to meet me in heaven when I come home. I long to ride him again, like we did so many years ago, thundering across fields and laughing in the wind. Until we meet again, my proud and gentle horse, tell my Father that I love Him and tell Jesus that you will take him for a ride if he decides to travel with thundering hooves, my beloved Raise Your Dreams.

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