Laughter and Timmy

27 May

“Miss Jill, if I have $118.00, do you think that will be enough money to buy a rabbit?” With that he patted his bulging pocket indicating that he had it on him and we could go right now.

Timmy is my helper. He is the HARDEST and tireless worker I have ever had at the farm. Nothing is beneath him. He will clean buckets until they sparkle, sweep until the floor glistens, and he is quick to see someone struggle and he will quickly help them, remarking that he is here to do “man’s” work. He is appalled that I drive the tractor, clean stalls, paint, or carry grain. He is concrete in his thinking and it is hard to budge Timmy off of his thought pattern.

We were on our way to the local hay dealer and he figured while we were out, we could just slip over to Maryland to buy a lop eared bunny that he saw on Craigslist. His bunny died on Christmas morning and though devastated he knew that this was the circle of life and he accepted it. Now he was on a quest to replace his bunny with a new bunny that he would name after his favorite character from “Facing the Giants” Bobby Lee Dukes.

That was Timmy, prepared and always ready for a new adventure. I told him that he would have to ask his mom. He told me that she trusts me to take him. With that I let out a loud giggle and he found himself laughing with me.

Then his big brown eyes got big and he said, “That is funny Miss Jill!” He patted me on the back and said that he now knows that I am crazy.

Timmy is always quick to laugh, pat me on my back and tell me how much he loves being at my farm and that Mr. Dan and I should just let him stay here all of the time.

Then Timmy realized that my horses found him just as much fun as I did. My Thoroughbred, Hershey, young, expressive, bold, and gorgeous would follow Timmy around in the field. This at first intimidated Timmy, but now he goes to the outside of the fence and runs the perimeter and Hershey follows him like a dog running after a ball. The ball is Timmy and his little body racing through the fields with a 17 hand jet black Thoroughbred being beat by the speed and agility of a boy who runs with the wind.

Timmy is laughter and he is around because his simplicity in matters has always captivated me. He is a gentle soul, who owns a lop eared bunny named Bobby Lee Dukes. He rides every horse here except Hershey because Timmy tells me he is too big. I know the day will come when he too tackles this challenge. Until then I will laugh with abandon as Timmy outruns the greatest Thoroughbred I have ever owned.

Timmy is always ready for a ride on his favorite pony, Quest.

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