Building Blocks with Horses

17 Jun

I did not know that 27 pounds could feel like 270 pounds as she came crashing against my arm as I side walked with her for the first time. I would consider myself a strong person that can handle weight, but her little body was so unsteady that she flopped around on the pony like a fish gasping for air as it is being pulled into the boat by the fisherman. I was fatigued and I could feel the twinge of my old back pain hint that it was going to be an Advil night.

Abby was so adorable, her tiny, chubby fingers, reached up to me as she realized that she was going to ride a pony. Her beautiful little eyes glistened with glee, and her sweet lips made clucking and clicking sounds. Her tiny body was adorned with love for her father as he lifted her high onto the pony. Quest, my faithful and true pony, carried her to fields and she learned to counterbalance, she rode backwards and sideways. She grasped leaves and fed them to the pony. She laid on his broad back and tried to do sit ups.

Within a few sessions, she finds her balance and no longer does she lean against me or her father. She loves to ride and I love to see how this small child now rides with balance and in control.

I am blessed and richer to have this little miracle on my farm!

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