Hershey Races Riders

12 Aug

I am amazed at how intuitive my thoroughbred, Hershey, is with my students. He seeks to make them always feel wanted and special. He ensures this by nuzzling them, or sticking his 16.3 hh body out of his stall window, insisting that he get a pet from them. I have received comments that people did not know that a horse had a personality. They meet Hershey and then they know that they really do.

Hershey came to me when a young woman wanted to get another horse that could jump larger fences. Hershey had been born with a crooked knee that hindered him from jumping large fences. Though he loves to jump, he was not able to do what was being asked.

I was perusing the internet and came across her advertisement for the sale of Hershey. She had video taped Hershey with a tarp wrapped around his body and he pulled it off with his teeth and then proudly stood on it. Most horses lose their mind over a tarp and this horse was calm. I thought that he may be a horse that I could use at my horse farm. His personality is what attracted me to him and today it captivates me.

Hershey has learned to herd riders when they are getting other horses and if not chosen, he tries to put his head in their empty halters. He stands for hours being groomed, and he loves to be scratched on his shoulder. He loves to grab your shirt or coat if you walk by him without petting him. He insists on love and compassion, because he is the one always giving it. He is gentle with small children, bold and expressive with the older and more experienced riders.

He has learned to teach riders how to ride. He has patiently endured uncoordinated efforts, he has walked through victories and disappointments. He is loved and adored by his many riders. Rachel told me that she has saved up $200 to buy him. Her mother had an artist draw his picture on a t-shirt for her birthday and she wears it with pride. Not many people can say that they can ride a Thoroughbred, especially beginner riders. He makes his riders believe in the possibilities of life.

Do you know a horse like this? Have you ever had an opportunity to ride a horse that has a huge personality? Please tell me your story in the comments.

6 Responses to “Hershey Races Riders”

  1. Mindy Bowman August 13, 2012 at 1:43 AM #

    Hershey sounds like an awesome horse and a lot like the one that taught me to ride! 🙂

    • anythingforhorseandrider October 21, 2012 at 12:39 PM #

      Hi Mindy,
      Hope all is well. Hershey is quite the famous horse in these parts of the country. He loves nothing more than being fawned over and of course scratched on his very long neck. Every once in a while a horse crawls into your heart and they stay there for you to cherish. He is one of them. Thanks for your comments. I always enjoy your blog and what you have to say about mine. Many blessings in your awesome ministry!

  2. Rachel Bradford August 24, 2012 at 2:48 AM #

    i love my hershey

  3. manicpony October 19, 2012 at 7:25 AM #

    sounds like joker!

    • anythingforhorseandrider October 21, 2012 at 12:36 PM #

      He was raised by hand when his mother rejected him. Therefore, all of us are his mother. That means he will follow anyone and he is quite a “talker” too. He thinks nothing of expressing his anger over not being petted first or ridden first. He is quite a character and we all love him. Thanks for your comment!

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