Kevin Kolb, A Great Leader On and Off the Field

30 Sep

I grew up in a home that spent every Sunday as a family watching our favorite football team, the Eagles.  I was convinced that my dad knew more about football than any coach.  He would call plays, disagree with the refs and argue with the TV over poor coverage.  My mother would forgo her usual formal Sunday dinner with bone china for tasty sandwiches and finger foods that we would carefully carry into the den to watch the game.  These are some of my fondest family memories.

You can imagine my great delight when my farm was chosen as a stopping place for Kevin Kolb, the then QB for the Eagles.  We were all ecstatic, especially my special needs children.  Many of them can quote stats of each player, and Kevin was new to the Eagles and they were eager to watch him play.

The day he came, media coverage was here and everyone vibrated with excitement.  Kevin, I am sure tired from practice, stopped out and rode with the students.  He stood in the center of our very busy farm and posed for pictures and threw footballs carefully to allow the children to catch them.  He autographed pictures, jerseys, footballs, and in one case someone’s shoes for hours.  Nothing was beneath Kevin.  He then rode horses and encouraged the children to “teach” him how to ride.  His patience glimmered like a shield, and I was impressed with his sweet and kind personality.  I observed how he elevated others above himself.  It was evident why he was a natural leader of anything he put his mind and heart into.

With a heavy heart, I watched him on the field that year and saw Andy Reid replace him with a man that any animal lover would loathe.  I know that what is done in the personal life will be done in the professional life.  I saw the callous treatment of Kevin from Michael Vick.  When the Eagles traded Kevin to the Cardinals at the end of the season I was saddened for the Eagles, but happy for him.  I felt that the Cardinals would appreciate his fine athleticism and leadership qualities

Kevin Kolb, making a special visit to Raise Your Dreams Farm.


Today the Cardinals face the Eagles in Arizona.  They are both undefeated and it is a well anticipated game, but I will proudly proclaim that the team I cheer for is the Cardinals.  The man that leads that team has a great heart.  After all admiration is won by actions and Kevin has won mine.

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