Anything for Horse and Rider

10 Feb

Ever get an idea to do something you have never done before?

Do you ever feel like you cannot fail?

Are you excited about acting on your idea?

After all, I can do all things through Christ. (Philippians 3:17)

That’s what happened to me when I decided to start WWW.ANYTHINGFORHORSEANDRIDER.COM.  It was set in place when we got sued for a million dollars.  Our lawyer bills, not covered by insurance, totaled over $110,000.00.  I just kept praying and praying for God to give me an idea that would help offset the cost of the lawsuit and to help me keep the farm.  Hence this idea was birthed and I ran with it.

What is WWW.ANYTHINGFORHORSEANDRIDER.COM?  It is a one stop shop for anything related to horses.  You can list a horse, tack, rider clothing, horse business, etc.  If you need it, it is here. If you have a horse related business and want to list it, just email me with your information.  I will put it up.

I need people to post their horses, tack, or horse related businesses.  Please help spread the word and get this business out to all of the horse community.

Have a great idea on how to market it?  Please leave a comment.  I thank you, my blogging family.  You encourage me so much with your kind words and funny stories.

A one stop shop for anything related to horse and rider. Need it, find it here.

A one stop shop for anything related to horse and rider. Need it, find it here.





2 Responses to “Anything for Horse and Rider”

  1. billgncs February 10, 2013 at 4:51 PM #

    what did you get sued about ?

  2. anythingforhorseandrider February 10, 2013 at 5:08 PM #

    Originally my farm was 100s of acres and the original owner broke parcels up before selling. I owned 10 acres and next to me was a 2 acre parcel that was quickly bought by a young couple in hope of building a home and living in the country. They tried to build without doing a perc test or having an engineer look at the land. They hit a lot of water and asked if we would allow them to make an easement through my horse pastures and divert the water to the stream in the back of my property. I told them no that I did not like the idea. That’s when we got slapped with a “nuisance” lawsuit because I was hindering them from enjoying their life (I am not kidding). Because we were sued as a nuisance our insurance would not pick it up. They ended up suing 10 other people including the township, the clerk, the original builder of my home, my lawyer, their builder (because they did not build the house) etc. It was 7 years of one of the most disheartening experiences of my life. Needless to say they lost and we all won. We ended up buying the land from them ( a very cheerful experience to be in the same room with them again) and fixing what they did to land because they ended up diverting their water to us anyway and the only way we could fix it was to buy it from them. A long answer for a short question, but thought you might get a chuckle. I do! It was only two years ago, but it seems like a life time ago.

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