Love Has Come

24 Feb

What can make you soar with glee? Is it the sound of rushing hooves? Is it the sound of a wonderful song? A great memory?

For me, it is thinking of what Jesus did for me when He hung on the cross.  With a heavy heart I came to know Jesus Christ when I had no where else to turn to.  It was with this heart that has been transformed.  Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT perfect, far from it.  What I am, is a child of the most high God.  Redeemed by the blood of His precious love.

It was a beautiful September morning. My best friend, Sharon,  was meeting me at the barn. I had agreed to take care of another friend’s barn full of 20 hungry horses.  It was here that I came to believe in Jesus Christ.

My friend had bought this old delapidated farm. Though once beautiful, it had fallen into disrepair. She and her husband fell in love with the grand old house, and set about restoring it to its former glory. They made the vacant 8,000 square foot home into a mini palace. Chandeliers in every room, fireplaces with gorgeous carved mantlepieces, balconies, surround sound, and dimmed lighting made the house a true masterpiece. While staying there I learned that I was not entirely alone.  My faithful dog, Amy, refused to come in.  After much coaxing, she reluctantly made her way in, but she was fitful and whinny.  I was a little nervous, there was a sense that I was in dangerous territory.  Lights would flicker, music would come on, the TV would not work or it would switch channels without me touching it. Chairs would move, thumping sounds would rumble from the upstairs, and the most agitating was the sound of the phone ringing constantly with no one on the line.

Sharon was a born again Christian.  I was, as they say a sinner in need of a Savior.  I lived on the “fast” side of life. I was a natural thrill seeker, always searching for whatever filled my need for excitement.  She was the ying and I was the yang.  I understood her and she understood me.  I appreciated her faith and she appreciated my “take life by the horns and hold on” approach to life.

Little did I know that her faith would protect me and keep me safe until that fateful day, Friday September 1st, 1995.  

She was meeting me in the barn every morning because I could not do the chores. I was continually harassed by this demonic force and its harassment had now ventured into physical harm. We started to methodically feed the horses and then begin to put them out.  Every time I stepped into the aisle with a horse, the phone would ring.  I would hurriedly put the horse back into the stall and run to the office to answer the phone.  Remarkably, no one was on the line.  This continued until Sharon said that she was calling her pastor.  With that she stormed off into the barn office.

It was her fear that prompted the call.  It was my feeling of sheer despair and knowing that I could not control what was happening to me that allowed me to reveal that I was powerless and hopeless.  I followed her into the office only to be met with the phone being shoved into my face.  Sharon told me that her pastor wanted to talk to me.

He shared that I was in a dangerous place.  That I needed the blood of Jesus to protect me.  What I thought to myself was how weird these Christians are.

Then without provocation, the phone began to ring while I was talking to the pastor.  Thoroughly unnerved, I began to scream that he needed to make it stop.  He told me that if I asked Jesus, He was the only one that would have the power.  I asked him how I could do that and that’s when he lead me in the sinner’s prayer.

“Lord, I am a sinner in need of your grace.  Please live in my heart and transform me.  I know that I can and will do all things through you.”

The Pastor told me that I now have the power to overcome these demonic forces.  Little did I know that my life would dramatically be changed and transformed through that one decision, to accept Jesus into my life.

I am not saying my life became a bed of roses, but it has been one full of adventure, discovery, and a love that I have never received in my life.  I am and always will be a child of the most high God, Jesus Christ.  I have never had such peace, contentment, and fulfillment until I came to know my precious Savior.  I used to make in fun of those “weird Bible thumping freaks.”  Now I am one of them.  Yes, I believe in the supernatural. I have seen with these eyes both demons and angels.  I have experienced supernatural battles that no one could believe.  I know there is a war going on for lost souls.  These are the last days and it is time to make a decision.  Are you for or against God?  Will you accept Jesus as the Son of God?  If not, I implore you to consider what will happen to you.

Trust me, I can empathize with you.  I was there. I could not believe that Jesus walked on water, rose from the dead, or died for me.  Now that I am on the other side, I cannot believe it any other way, but knowledge fills my heart and soul with the affirmation that Jesus is the Son of God, and He LOVES me. Most importantly, He LOVES YOU!

Let me know where you stand?  I love your comments!!!Image

4 Responses to “Love Has Come”

  1. daerickson February 24, 2013 at 11:04 PM #

    I admire your courage and thank you. Yes, Jesus will return with the sounds of many trumpets. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord. Better to do it now rather than later. I have been a Christian for 30-some years and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Keep witnessing for Him.

    • anythingforhorseandrider March 26, 2013 at 6:42 AM #

      You too!!
      A man at work was just diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. I was not close to him, only a gentle greeting when I saw him. But I felt lead to send him healing scriptures and encouraging music. He emailed me back and said that just reading the scripture gives him peace. I feel oddly encouraged that he will receive healing, and I pray that he will accept the most precious gift- Jesus Christ and His sacrifice.
      Please pray for him, his name is Steve and he will begin Radiation treatment on Good Friday!

  2. firnhyde February 27, 2013 at 3:23 AM #

    Weird Bible-thumping freak? Yeah, that’s me. I thump my poor Bible so much that there will soon be a hole in it. And I’m proud of it, ’cause my Lord is proud of me; I don’t need to believe in myself, because my Lord believes in me; I can follow my heart, but just because my Lord is in it; I can dare to dream, but only because the dream is His. Thank you for sharing your testimony.

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