Milkshake and Eva

10 Jun

Eva at her first show

Eva at her first show

Eva has really one love, anything that has four legs. Horses, dogs, cats, and especially one horse named Milkshake. He was the first horse that she learned to trot on. He taught her how to jump. He showed her that cantering was fun. He demonstrated patience, kindness, unwavering faithfulness, and love. She in turn has cried on his shoulder, sharing secrets that only a girl and her lesson horse can understand. He has put up with her painting him with red hearts, hours of grooming, and countless baths. She has learned that love truly is patience and kindness because he shows it to her day in and day out.

As Eva’s skills improved, her riding became fluid and beautiful. Her riding looked ethereal. The slightest movement in the saddle yielded a horse that was in tune to her every nuiance. Eva is non-assuming and extremely humble, what we noticed was a rider that had beautiful flawless equitation. Her body was an extension of Milkshake.

Preparing for her very first horse show away from the barn was exciting. Eva had polished her boots, saddle, and groomed Milkshake. The day came for her to put to test all that she has learned.

She got into the first class and her body was uptight. I encouraged her to breath. She placed. Eva was a lesson student riding a lesson horse. These riders that were in the ring owned their horses, had been riding since they were three. Eva was at a disadvantage, but she came not to win, but to do her best. The other three classes were a blur. Then the announcer called the Champion and Reserve winners. Eva had won Reserve Champion.

Our little girl learned a lesson, one that was taught on the back of a horse, that all good things come from those that persist and believe.

4 Responses to “Milkshake and Eva”

  1. cindy molloy June 10, 2013 at 4:34 PM #

    Jill, this just made me cry! As Eva’s mom, I couldn’t be more thankful that we were led to your farm. Eva is rider she is today because of the kindness, love and patience you have shown her over the years. You have given her the opportunity to bond with her love, Milkshake, and learn what it takes to be one with the horse. Thank you for being who you are and treating my daughter with such care! Cindy

  2. amylk103 June 11, 2013 at 10:59 AM #

    Your kids are amazing because of the wonderful place your farm is. And its amazing because of you!

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