The Farm That Faith Built

12 Jul

Prayer before we ride.  It is asking God to take us to our destiny.

Prayer before we ride. It is asking God to take us to our destiny.

Do you have a desire that seems to be halted? Does everything seem like an uphill battle and you are weary of the travel? I am here to encourage you and build you up.

I never wanted anything except to someday own a horse. It seemed impossible especially when your mother works in a Children’s Hospital and sees the effect of what horses can do. As an adult, working as a teacher and making a pittance seemed impossible too. But I kept at it. Food was a luxury, horses were a necessity.

I just want you to never give up on your dreams. Trust that if God gave you a desire, He wants you to achieve it too. He gave you that dream because He knew if you could hold on and persevere, then it would become a reality.

This is what I learned:
1. Pray without ceasing about your dream/goal.
2. Ask God to show you ways to make your dream become a reality.
3. PREPARE- read every book, talk to everyone that has what you want, purchase items that pertain to your dream to keep you focused, and do everything that you need to do to be ready for your goal.
4. Be ready for the nay sayers- there will be many. Like the story of the crabs in the bucket, people will try to pull you down because others feel uncomfortable around people that are determined against all odds. Know that some people you will have to cut out of your life because they will drag you down.
5. Right before you get your dream, you will go through trials and difficulties that will make you want to give up. It is just a test- God is trying and refining you. Hang in, you are going THROUGH it, you will not be stuck there.

I hope this helped. I want others to believe that God is no respector of a person. What He did for me, He WILL do for you.

Share your story about how you got your goal/dream/desire. I would love to hear about it.

One Response to “The Farm That Faith Built”

  1. billgncs July 12, 2013 at 8:57 AM #

    I would say “God helps those who help themselves” – but that’s really just an adaptation from Aesop’s fables — so I will say – well done good and faithful servant !

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