Timmy and A Turtle

14 Jul

Timmy has faith that if he asks his heavenly Father that it will be done.

Timmy has faith that if he asks his heavenly Father that it will be done.

Every year Timmy goes to camp deep in the woods. Full of wildlife, Timmy is always exploring, capturing, and trying to keep what he finds. When he came home with a turtle his mother conceded and allowed him to keep it.

Excited to share the little turtle with all of his friends at the farm, he brought it on a busy Saturday. Everyone shook his hand in congratulations that he was able to capture this beautiful turtle. He was asking others what he should name it and he was becoming remarkably proud of his prize.

As the day wore on, the poor turtle was in distress,and I convinced Timmy that the best thing for the turtle was to set it free because it was not happy in captivity. His head hung low and I knew that he was trying to process it. I asked him to pray over the situation and allow God to take control of the turtle.

That’s when he boldly walked to the back of my property, reassuring himself that he could visit the turtle any time that he wanted. When he came back, I could tell that he was upset. Everyone tried to console him and then I asked him to think about what a great home he had given the turtle. He tried to rationalize it, but his heart was heavy.

Little did I know that I just set a catastrophe into motion. Within twenty-four hours, we got hit with such a violent rainstrorm that it dropped three inches in an hour. I was afraid that Timmy’s turtle was probably far downstream.

Sure enough, the next day Timmy was out and off he went to inspect his turtle. Sure enough the little creature was there and Timmy was happy to report that his turtle had the same characteristics as him, he had made friends with a frog.

Everyday he comes and treks to the stream and he is happy to report that “Timmy the Turtle” has made many new friends including geese.

It is amazing what God can do. I must admit, I doubted that the turtle would be safe. In the natural view, this turtle should be twenty miles down stream. Yet this little turtle was safe in the prayer of a young man that had faith that if he asked His Father in Heaven for it, it would be done. If He can save a turtle for a young man, then He can solve your problems too.

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart.Lean not on your own understanding and He will lead you. Prov. 3:5-6

Are you trusting Him with your dilemma? Give it to Him and watch Him solve it!

One Response to “Timmy and A Turtle”

  1. amylk103 July 15, 2013 at 11:08 AM #

    I can’t wait to see the baby turtles that come from the eggs laid by Timmy the Turtle’s friend!

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