Horse for Sale- It Comes With A Part of My Heart!

14 Dec
Hershey, doing what he does best- jumping

Hershey, doing what he does best- jumping

Lessons are down. Students have gone off to college. Then the Salem County Center for Autism lost all of their funding, which means I just lost 27 special needs students.

At my peak, we were teaching 50-75 students a week. We are at a fraction of this number and that means, I have to cut my herd. Who do I sell?

I try to be objective and look at the horse/s that are used the least. I come up with Hershey. He is talented, handsome, bold, and loves attention. He would do well with just one owner.

I put him up for sale, and the phone starts ringing. I answer the usual questions. They all want to see him, but the weather is not cooperative. This is good, it buys me more time.

Do they know that if I sell this horse, a part of my heart will go with him?


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