The Ride Of A Lifetime…..

25 Jan

It was the happiest day of my life. I was all of eight years old and my dad was going to sneak me off to a small rundown farm that offered pony rides. The old withered cowboy took one look at me and stated that I was too big to ride their ponies. He offered my father the chance to “rent” a horse for an hour. I was expecting my father to say it was too much, or that I had no experience, instead he pulled out his wallet and paid the man $20. This was a small fortune in the ‘60s.

They lead out a dull palomino with a sway back, crooked knees, and a cranky attitude. To me, this horse glistened in the sunlight, he was a brave and proud stallion. The saddle felt like it had been custom made to fit my small body. I sat astride this magnificent horse and asked it to walk on. I had seen every bad Western movie and decided to imitate how the cowboys rode. I clucked, he did not move. Then I nudged with my heel. He just pinned his ears and turned around looking at me as if to say, “Are you kidding?!”

I gently patted him and combed his tangled mane with my fingers. I tried coaxing him to move with kindness. The stubborn horse was not going to budge. That’s when my dad walked over and hit his bottom with his hand. “Whack!” is all I heard. The horse was so startled that he reared up and galloped across the field.

With wind in my hair and galloping hooves under me, I felt invincible. He went around and around the field. Every time he would begin to slow down, my dad would walk towards him again and off he would fly.
I don’t think I will ever know what image I portrayed that day, but to me I was the combination of Sally Star and the Lone Ranger wrapped up into one. It was this ride of a life time that I have always tried to recapture when I gallop through a pasture or a long a country road; it was my ride of a life time.

What is your ride of a lifetime?

Please share the ride you have always tried to recapture.  We all LOVE to hear what you have to say!

2 Responses to “The Ride Of A Lifetime…..”

  1. firnhyde January 25, 2014 at 12:52 PM #

    I will never forget the first time I decided to see just how much speed my fiery little mare had in her. She’s a solidly build part carthorse, part baroque style horse, but she’s deceptively fast. I was riding bareback and my reins had broken so she had a piece of rope knotted to her bit, and I wore a pair of shorts, a faded T-shirt, gumboots and a helmet that was rather too big and had seen better days. That was the first time I knew the pure mad wild ecstasy of a full gallop, and the thrill when every time you push your horse, no matter how fast she’s going, she still finds some secret reservoir of speed and goes even faster. I survived that ride by running into a gate (I would never have stopped her otherwise) and it was a ride I’ll never forget.

    • anythingforhorseandrider January 27, 2014 at 6:58 PM #

      Oh my goodness, you are CRAZZZZY!! It sounds like fun!!! Thanks for sharing your story. Horses are so amazing and you are right, they always have a reservoir of strength they bring out when we need it the most!

      I loved your story, you are an amazing story teller, I could see the whole ride unfolding through your words- beautiful!

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