Hmm, this tastes just like fresh frog!

21 May
Timmy with his beloved, "Big and Bad" Brutus.

Timmy with his beloved, “Big and Bad” Brutus.

“Mom, this cough drop tastes awful!” Timmy had been nursing a sore throat for a week and it was not getting better. His mother had suggested he should nurse it with a cough drop.

“This tastes just like frog, Yuck!” with that he threw it out. His mom on the other hand just caught what he said and asked him to elaborate.

“Well, at the farm, I am building a pond and putting frogs and fish in it from the stream. I was playing with a big bull frog the other day and I forgot to wash my hands and accidentally put my fingers in my mouth. It did not taste too good, kinda like that yucky cough drop,” his eyes twinkled with delight at the horror on his mother’s face.

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