Fence of Peace

30 May
Rainbows are common on my property- this was right before the Hurricane Sandy- NOTHING HAPPENED ON MY PROPERTY- GOD Almighty reassured me with this sign!

Rainbows are common on my property- this was right before the Hurricane Sandy- NOTHING HAPPENED ON MY PROPERTY- GOD Almighty reassured me with this sign!

Miss Jill, did you know that you have a fence all around your property?” she was eight years old and was madly in love with horses. She had just started taking lessons and was eager to learn everything. When she asked this question, I was not certain what she meant. I have a huge fence to keep the horses in their pastures.

“Yes, I need that fence to keep the horses in their pasture,” I patted her arm.

“No, Miss Jill, not that fence. It is another fence around your property,” she said. “I can even see it when my mom drives me here.” she swept her hand across the farm.

“What fence do you mean?” I was curious.

“Oh, it is a fence of peace. It glows all around your whole land, house, barns, everything! It is beautiful! But when my mom drives further away from your house and farm, I can’t see it any more,” she smiled. Tears came to my eyes involuntarily.

“It is a fence of peace, I can feel peace here and it makes me relax,” she held out her arms and spun around.

I ask God for peace at my farm at all times. I usually walk the whole farm every morning after I feed the horses asking for protection and peace to reign down on this property.

This precious child sees what I cannot. Those that come here feel the peace. Thanks Father, I needed to hear that!

Has a child ever shared anything with you about some miraculous/supernatural event that only God could do?  Please share!

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Hershey and His Duck

29 May

“Miss Jill want to hear what Hershey did to a duck?” Briah is our constant at the farm and she is so observant for being so young. She notices the nuiances of each horse and rider.

I gave her my full attention, I wanted to hear this story.

“The female and male mallard ducks were flying around and they landed in the pasture and Hershey came running over to them. The male flew off but the girl got confused and got cornered by Hershey.”

“Oh no, did he hurt her?” I asked.

“This is the interesting part, he just nuzzled her with his nose. It was like he was petting her.” Briah said with a huge smile.

Later the ducks flew over the field looking for their big four legged friend.

I NEED to get this on video! Hershey and his ducks could be quite a hit.  Now the ducks are constant companions to Hershey, they just follow him around all day.

What animal has your horse befriended besides another horse?

Hershey doing what he does best- galloping around!

Hershey doing what he does best- galloping around!

Fuzzy and Three Angels

28 May

She was a handful, and then she discovered horses. Her behavior was so disturbing she went to a special school. Her mother had heard about equine therapy and that is how I came to know her.

She promptly fell in love with Fuzzy, a QH with an attitude. He was definitely not an equine therapy horse. After much begging and pleading I promised her an opportunity to ride him if she got a 100 on her behavior chart at school. Up to this point she was getting at most a 60. I was confident that Fuzzy would not be in her near future.

I was sure she would never get a 100, but that week she did. I had to hold my end of the bargain.

That Saturday I tacked up Fuzzy, praying for a miracle. Had I just set up this young girl to get hurt? I was sick to my stomach.

She came bouncing and jumping and yelling. Her excitement was too much to contain. Remarkably she quieted as she sat in the saddle and Fuzzy was a perfect horse. We did posting trot, sitting, standing in the stirrups and holding her balance in transitions. She was spectacular and so was this usually very naughty Quarter Horse.

Pushing my luck, we decided to do a lap of my property. As soon as we got out of the ring he leapt in the air and reared to gather leaves from the tree in our back yard.

I don’t lose my composure, but I did this time. I screamed for her to hold on! Helplessly I had to wait until Fuzzy came down on his own. Turning Fuzzy could have resulted in him falling and it seemed like an eternity until he came down. She grabbed mane and did everything explicitly.

Finally, he came down and that’s when she looked at me and said “Miss Jill, I don’t know why you are so upset, there were three angels keeping me on Fuzzy the whole time. As soon as they saw that I was safe they left me.”

Well, we do pray for God to protect our riders! Silly me, I should have known, God had sent His divine angels!

Thanks God! You always have all of our backs!

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Timmy and His Pink Dinosaur

27 May
Timmy and Hershey

Timmy and Hershey

Timmy was given his mom’s dinosaur (her old flip phone) to take pictures at the farm and to carry around like all the other teens do today. Timmy is seventeen, but he will be perpetually six. He is a constant fixture at my farm and he represents Raise Your Dreams Farm prouder than I do. He does not take off his RYD Farm sweatshrts unless they are being washed. He carries brochures, just in case he runs into someone that wants to find out about his “job” at the farm. He talks of nothing else, but the horses and the people that are graced to know this precious soul.

This day was special. He would be like all of the other teenagers at the farm. As soon as he got out of the car that morning, he held the phone to his ear and pretended that he was having a conversation, hoping that everyone would ask him about his newest acquisition.

Never mind that it is pink, he carried it with pride. Timmy is always the last one to leave the farm, and it is during this time that he shows his real thoughts without the pressure of having to fit in. He was eager to show me that there were built in songs on his phone that he could listen to.

I asked him about this music and he said, “Right here, the ring tones!” Now to most, we would not qualify ring tones as music. But to Timmy this was the top twenty songs and he was proud to play each one to me and give me a commentary of his critique.

The choices for ring tones were-
“Pick It Up!”
“Who’s Calling?”
“What Do They Want?”
“Hello! Hello!”

“Miss Jill, this is what the cool kids listen to and he played,’Pick It Up'” It was a jingle that sounded similar to a rap.

With that he held the pink phone to his ear and danced like a chicken lifting his legs high and jerking his head forward and back.

I could not help my spontaneous laughter. Surely I had hurt his feelings, I thought. I tried to control my laughter and he walked towards me. Instead of being upset with me, he just wrapped his arms around me and started laughing too.

That is the simplistic beauty of Timmy. He can dance with abandon to ring tones, especially, “Pick It Up!” Because he is cool like all of the other teenagers. He has a “pink dinosaur” and therefore he fits into the ever changing teenage cool zone.

I am wealthy beyond measure and everyday I am reminded of it! I have people at this farm that bless me with an abundance of riches.

Thanks Timmy for making me laugh, you are PRICELESS!

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Memorial Day- A Day of Gratitude

26 May

Memorial Day 2008 Riderless HorseTo all of the valiant men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom- I am deeply grateful!

Hmm, this tastes just like fresh frog!

21 May
Timmy with his beloved, "Big and Bad" Brutus.

Timmy with his beloved, “Big and Bad” Brutus.

“Mom, this cough drop tastes awful!” Timmy had been nursing a sore throat for a week and it was not getting better. His mother had suggested he should nurse it with a cough drop.

“This tastes just like frog, Yuck!” with that he threw it out. His mom on the other hand just caught what he said and asked him to elaborate.

“Well, at the farm, I am building a pond and putting frogs and fish in it from the stream. I was playing with a big bull frog the other day and I forgot to wash my hands and accidentally put my fingers in my mouth. It did not taste too good, kinda like that yucky cough drop,” his eyes twinkled with delight at the horror on his mother’s face.

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I Taught Him How to Do This…………………..NOT!

18 May

I cannot lie, I did not train my horse to sit.  He just does it on his own.  He actually sits like this for a few moments before he gets up and we all laugh at him.  I think he does it just because he can.  I kid the students and tell them that I taught him how to do this.


Hey, do you have a horse that had some quirky habit?  Please share!


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Pumpkin, you sit so well!

Pumpkin, you sit so well!

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