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Milkshake, the Special Pony

4 Jul

“Dan, this pony is so ugly.  I am afraid the kids will get scared,” I complained to my husband on the end of the line.

“I feel that God is impressing to me that you should go ahead and buy him,” he said.

My husband knows nothing about horses, he just puts up with them because he loves me.  I was on a horse hunting spree to help teach riding lessons, and I landed at this farm with one ugly pony.

The woman who was selling him was a horse dealer.  She told me that he did not like to canter and she told me a price I could not refuse.  With that, I took this ugly large pony home with me, unsure of his future.  He certainly was not a horse that I would have chosen, if it had not been my husband insisting that I purchase him.

We always re-name all horses and ponies that come here and there was quite excitement over what his name should be.  The kids, parents, and instructors came up with great names, but one of my autistic children came up with the perfect name- Milkshake.

Milkshake is a Pony of America.  He is white with small black specks throughout his coat.  Hence the name Milkshake was perfect.

Milkshake had a larger than life attitude.  He was strong and he would just bulge at his shoulder and my students were too weak to discipline him.  So all of the instructors and myself were constantly on him and working out his many kinks.

As time went by, he became accustomed to this spoiled life.  Carrots with the tops on, apples drizzled with molasses, warm bran mash in the winter, fans in the stalls in the summer, and a growing fan club that just adored him.  He learned to jump, and he did it quite well.  His trot is so smooth, that a rider can sit or post, either one is comfortable and smooth.  His canter is so slow and rhythmic that he teaches all beginners.  But his most endearing quality is that he is so versatile.  He changes to meet each one of his riders and their needs.  For beginners, he is very slow, waiting for the correct aids to direct him.  For advanced riders, he will jump a course of 2’6″ with a flying lead change.

We took him to a show, and we were uncertain as to how he would act, but he was a professional.  He even lined up to face the judge.  He was smart, capable, and caring.  He was and is the perfect lesson horse.  Though I think he is perfect, I did not know that he was gathering a fan club outside of my farm too.  The show world was noticing him too.  He even won “Horse of the Horse Show” because of his versatility.  That’s when I would hear whisperings from other competitors that Milkshake was here.  Offers for me to sell him to their children started pouring in, but I would tell them that Milkshake was not for sale.

Milkshake is a pony that has too much personality.  Yesterday I was cleaning out the tack room and I had Milkshake in the riding ring, because he is on a diet.  That’s why I was shocked when I turned around and there he was, in the tack room with me.  He kept nudging me to itch his scratchy spot- he has many, and to pay attention to him. 

This sums up Milkshake perfectly, a true people lover because I thinks that he really does believe that he is a person and not a pudgy white pony.

Do you have a pony or horse that has a little too much personality?  Please Share, I LOVE your comments!

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