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Boot City

7 Apr

Boot City

 Boot City

I suppose I am dating myself, but boots were made not for fashion but for functionality.  I remember my first pair, a light golden brown made by company that is now out of business.  They were $50.00 a handsome price for boots forty years ago.  Luckily I had a grandfather who loved to spoil his oldest granddaughter.

Things have changed, especially boots.  Now boots have rhinestones, tooled leather with intricate patterns, colored leather, like these coral ones http://www.bootcity.com/corral-boots .  There is no limit to the variations.  Need your college logo, your passion, your religious affiliation, it all can be stated on your very fashionable boots.  No longer are boots relegated to just the farm, but for the town, the church, the club.  They are fashion statements that explain your story.

One place that carries all of your boot needs is Boot City.  If you are looking for the standard boot made for long hours in the saddle, or a boot for work, or a boot to explain your story, I know for certain you will find it at www.bootcitycom.

Also check out all of their clothing, hat, leather, and belt selections.

Boot City can always be reached toll free at 888-543-2668.


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