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Problem Solved!

26 Jan
Tom working hard to carry the American Flag at the Opening Ceremony at Cowtown Rodeo

Tom working hard to carry the American Flag at the Opening Ceremony at Cowtown Rodeo

Tom has one dream. The dream? To ride a horse while carrying the American Flag during the Opening Ceremony at the Cowtown Rodeo.

To most people this would not mean too much, but to him, it is everything. It represents climbing out of a valley so deep and wide that most would be engulfed in depression and debilitating self pity. On a beautiful day, his freedom was taken from him by a drunk driver. He was pronounced dead at the scene, but Tom is not any ol’ man. He is one built on a foundation of determination, stubborn rebellion against the norm, and a love of all things fast.

In the hospital, he was told that he would never walk. He defied the doctors and walked. He was told he would never ride a bike, he bikes to the beach (a 100 mile trek). He was told that riding a horse may build his balance and strength. He came to my farm to ride. His dream is to gallop with abandon to the thundering applause during the National Anthem at the Cowtown Rodeo. He rides Pumpkin, who has one speed, super slow. He takes care of Tom, adjusting his body to meet the off balance movements that Tom sometimes involuntarily makes. We now trot. Only two “gears” away from a gallop. We are on our way. I start thinking that this could be a possibility.

I throw caution to the wind and call Cowtown Rodeo. I get the office and the daughter of the owner. She tells me that her father would have to approve it. She would discuss it with him. I hear nothing.

I am not daunted. I am fighting for Tom. As God would have it, the day I go to Cowtown, I park right next to the owner who happens to be getting out of his truck at the same time that I am getting out of mine. Boldly, I step up and introduce myself. He tips his Cowboy hat at me and says that he knows who I am. I tell him the story about Tom. Tears well in my eyes involuntarily. I apologize for my tears, I am so emotional, so hopeful that he will give this man an opportunity that will help him accomplish a dream, to defy what everyone said that he could not do.

He nods his head, “Yes, I think it will be ok if Tom opens the Rodeo.”

I grab his hand, then put my arms around his broad shoulders and tell him that this is a true gift and I am truly appreciative. He tells me that his office will be in touch.

Three months later, I get a call from a woman that says she wants to meet me. She has heard about my farm and the work that is done here. She runs the Cowboy Church. I am excited. During our conversation, I share that we will be doing the opening ceremony at Cowtown with Tom holding the American Flag. She tells me that she is the one that organizes the opening ceremony. Is that God again, giving us exactly what we need. The contact is there and she assures me that she will take care of us.

Pumpkin is a Quarter Horse with the kindest, sweetest nature of any horse I have ever known. He loves being scratched on his belly and loves being groomed by the girls. Unfortunately, he has a somewhat checkered past with hints of abuse. His face is malformed from a halter being too tight. He hates applause of any kind. He is also scared to death of loud noises. I have a big problem. How am I going to get this horse used to the Rodeo and safe enough to carry Tom?

Problem solved by God. I get a call from the woman that organizes the opening ceremony. She would like to give me her horse to use in the ceremony because he is an old hand at it and will take care of Tom.

I got off the phone, bowed my head as tears streamed down my face. God, You are so GREAT!! You care about the smallest things that are sometimes big.

Are you facing a challenge that you are not sure you can handle? Give it ALL to God. He loves you. Hand it over and watch God at work.

Need prayer? Need encouragement? Please respond. I PROMISE I will pray that God will show up and give you a solution that you know is right from Him. Then you can be assured that the problem is solved.

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