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Words of Wisdom from the World’s Best Farrier

30 Oct

For all of my non-horsey friends, a farrier is one of the most important professionals that will work on a horse.  He/She is responsible for trimming the horse’s hooves.  This is an art in itself, for it requires the ability to balance the whole horse.  A bad farrier can seriously harm the horse and effect its ability to do the work that is required of it.  A farrier is needed every six to eight weeks to trim the hooves and replace or readjust  the shoes.

Moving to New Jersey meant that I had to find a good farrier, one that would be flexible with my schedule and one that I could count on.  I found him, Bob Simpson, a journeyman farrier.  He has the highest certification and his ability and experience has kept me in awe.  He believes as I do, to keep the horse as natural as possible.  He is able to correct problems that most people would have given up on, but not Bobby.

Throughout the ten years of holding countless horses for their trim, I have learned much from this humble and humorous man.  It is what has inspired me to write about him.  I would like to share some of the words of wisdom.

  • Never speak ill of anyone.
  • Trust your instincts, they are always right.
  • When bugs are particularly annoying, that means there will be a storm.
  • Follow your heart, it is what will makes life sweet.
  • Don’t say you know it all, leave room to learn.
  • Love your friends.
  • Take time each day to recall great memories from your past.
  • Learn how to fix tractors.
  • Watch, listen, then speak.
  • Don’t give advice unless asked for it, then say very little.
  • Eat at diners.

Need to add to that list

Wisdom comes from my farrier.


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