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Farm Ownership- A Real Trip

24 Mar



I had a fall last week. No, not off of a horse, that would at least have given me some dignity.  Instead in my haste to stop my very fat, naughty, too smart for himself pony from jumping the fence I fell right in a puddle of manure, urine, mud, and God-knows what else.

Buttons, cute, ornery, and talented, has learned that if he can get the two top rails down from the fence then he can jump it and be free to roam wherever he wants.  He visits my neighbors who have goats, because he loves them.  Sometimes he lays in front of the tree near my house because it is hard work taking fences down and jumping. 

It is not entirely his fault for jumping out of the fence.  I taught him how to jump after I realized that he was rather talented and very handy with his large body.  Through trial and error he has learned to be a pretty handy pony hunter.  Not thinking that he would use these skills to set my heart on fire.  There is nothing more terrifying than getting a phone call that your pony is out and roaming around your front yard. 

I was hastily fixing fences when I realized I needed a saw to keep Buttons from jumping again.  That’s when it happened.  Rushing back to the barn to get a saw, my foot got tangled in a half frozen horse hoof print and to my surprise I went sailing.  Splat into a wet puddle where my horses enjoy to go to the bathroom.  Brutus, my Friesian, put his head down to see if I was OK.  That’s when I took in the mental picture of how this all must have looked.  I started to laugh.  Too bad, I did not have a video camera, this would have been priceless. 

I got up, took off my jacket and grabbed the saw.  Why change my clothes when the job still is not done?  I worked until the fence was repaired.  Buttons stared at me and I patted his cute face and told him that he would not be taking down this fence.

Buttons is in for now, until he learns how to jump a 5′ fence, I think he is secure.

Do you have a pony or horse that drives you crazy?  Please Share, I love to laugh!

Who Needs Four Legs to Jump?

21 Oct

I found jumps at a fantastic price.  I bought a “brick” wall, brush boxes, and a white jump ensemble.  My students found them irresistable.  Off they went to break them in.  Unfortunately they are not four legged.

Need to find a four legged jumper?  Check them out at http://www.anythingforhorseandrider.com.

Hope you enjoy the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czD23irfMbc&feature=g-upl

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