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Make A Difference

20 Oct

We all feel the love here!

How can a simple question evoke tears from me?

Simple, it is a question asked in the innocence of a ten year old that wants to make a difference.  The assignment was given in her elementary class, Make a Difference in the world by doing a kind act to people that you feel would benefit from it.

The question came from her parent, “Miss Jill, would you mind if my daughter had a bake sale for your farm?  She has been given an assignment to make a difference in someone’s life and she has chosen your farm?  Could you use the money to purchase treats for your horses?”

Ironically this was a child that does not ride at my farm, she just wanted to do something for me because she wanted to make a difference.  I was touched deeply.

A few days later and another call came.  This time she and two of her friends were going to approach Chick Fil A and see if they would sponsor my farm.  The answer came back with a yes.  Chick Fil A would give me a portion of their sales on October 25th from 5-8 PM.

Why does kindness and thoughtfulness choke me up?  It is because they thought of a farm that is trying to make a difference in the lives of others that they chose to make a difference in mine.

Thanks girls for thinking of me, my horses, and my farm.  You are true blessings!

Has anyone ever done something kind for you that was unexpected?  Please share, I’d love to hear!!

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