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Two Miles to Thanksgiving

7 Jun
God is in every circumstance!

God is in every circumstance!

There is nothing better than a horseback ride after a long hard week. I decided to ride by myself through the country side and I found myself singing terribly off key songs to my beloved horse, Raise Your Dreams. He did not care, he was being ridden by me, his absolute most favorite human in the whole world.

I allowed the reins to slip through my hands and I was barely holding them with one hand. We heard a crash through the woods and a man appeared out into the open. His dishelved appearance and look on his face revealed a character that was not friendly but evil. My horse did what he does best- spun.

Whack! I hit the ground with the very shoulder that had just been surgically repaired for my torn rotator cuff. I could only feel excruciating pain. I laid on the ground writhing. My horse stood over me and made threatening gestures. I told the man that my horse would attack him, and with that he left.

I got up and my arm dangled limply by my side. I just had the clearance to ride and now I had undone surgery and months of physical therapy. I was mad!

I am ashamed to admit it- but mad at God.

“How could you allow me to fall? You are God! You could have prevented this!” I was screaming through my tears. My horse followed me, lowering his head. He was upset too.

“How can I thank you? For what? A fall? How am I supposed to be thankful in EVERYTHING?”

We were two miles away from the barn. It was a good thing. I needed that time to wrestle with God.

Once in the barn, I untacked my horse with one arm. I stood in the aisle, lonely, ashamed at my reaction to this fall. I was upset for yeling at God.

Then I heard an internal voice that was God, “I could have broken your neck!”

Once this realization hit me, I started to praise the LORD like never before!  It took two miles to walk back to the barn.  Within those two miles I had learned that being thankful in every circumstance is not easy, but necessary!  God is always doing His best for us and our circumstances.

Later I realized that God had used the circumstance to show His healing power and might.  He miraculously healed me in the hospital, witnessed by many doctors and nurses!

GOD’S Word says, “in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Have you ever been in a circumstance that seemed to break your heart and spirit?  Then God turned it all around and you were full of thanksgiving!  Please share- it encourages all that read it!!

You Go, Jac!

10 Nov
There is nothing better than friends.  Jacob is to the right.

There is nothing better than friends. Jacob is to the right.

He struggled all of his life. Unable to read social cues, he was ostrasized by his peers. Rigid in his thinking, led to fights and altercations which started him on a path he did not want to travel.

In school he was classified as being on the Autism Spectrum and given a one-on-one aide to guide and lead him to success in the classroom.

His mother was constantly seeking innovative therapies to help her only son. She heard about equine therapy and its success with children that had difficulty with social situations. It was at this time that his mother registered her son to receive equine therapy at Raise Your Dreams Farm, located in Southern NJ.

It was here that I met Jacob. Every moment at the farm was structured and he was given specific tasks, which he carried out with precision. Slowly, he was seen as a great helper, and the other students would go to him for advice or help with their horse. He slowly gained confidence and a knack with the horses and ponies. It was here that he set noble goals and each one was met with thunderous applause. He got a facebook page and became friends with the other students at the farm. He learned to negotiate the nuisances of teenagerhood with the help and assistance of these friends. They would fist pump and high five each other over their accomplishments on the horses. Jacob learned valuable lessons that helped him to acclimate to the high school.

Today Jacob is declassified and this fall he was nominated for the Homecoming Court, voted on by his peers.

This may seem impossible, but for Jacob, he has one answer for his success, Raise Your Dreams Farm. It is here that he learned how to be a friend and how to have friends. Horses are the great equalizer and they taught him patience, love, forgiveness, and goal setting. Jacob has been given the coveted position as an Assistant Instructor, which he has taken quite seriously. He schools other students and has developed an instructor’s eye to fine tune the rider’s position. He has become a valuable member of this farm and it has blessed him as much as he has blessed us.

Would you like to support Raise Your Dreams Farm? It is very easy- just post a horse, tack, unwanted riding apparel on http://www.anythingforhorseandrider.com. Through your posting, you will support this farm and all of the work done here.

Want to follow the riders here? Go to Raise Your Dreams Farm FB page or Anything for Horse and Rider FB page.


21 Jul

The middle fence rails were out, this means one thing, my pony, Buttons is out. Panic set in.   It was only 5:00 in the morning. I had to go to work, now I had a real problem on my hands, Buttons was gone.  I turned on the lights in the feed room and discovered that there had been a slaughter of every edible thing.  That included dry bran mash, supplements for joints, horse treats, cat food, and who knows what else. 

Immediately, my panicked voice split the morning air with a plaintive call for Buttons.  No sound, only whinnies from my other disgruntled horses that their feed time was being interrupted by this very bad pony. 

I walked into the fields exploring the turn out sheds, there he was. Apparently, he let himself out and when he was spent from gorging, he let himself back in.

His swollen belly told me that he was in trouble.  Immediately, I grabbed Banamine and gave him a dose.  I was somewhat worried about him. He was not looking too perky or happy with himself. He was showing no outward signs of collicking, but I discernrf his discomfort.

Then, as God always does, He showed me an idea to solve the problem.  I grabbed one of the feed sacks and tied it to the tree.  Then I grabbed the portly pony, and walked him by the tree.  The wind flapped the bag and he bolted forward and then stopped and stared at this very scary scene.  He snorted and then lifted his tail and promptly pooped. 

Here is my plea- free pony.  His name is Buttons, he likes to escape, enjoys early morning feed binges, will bite your butt if you don’t keep your eye on him, loves to be squirted with the hose on hot days, enjoys playing long and hard with the other horses, he is extremely intelligent, and loves to be ridden.  Though he is portly, he jumps carefully and well.  He is a handful for an inexperienced rider, but he does not have a bad bone in him. He is ornery and enjoys “trying” out his rider to see what he can get away with.  He loves baths, grooming, and EATING!!  He has been known to eat snow cones, mint chocolate chip ice cream, Cheetos, Doritos, Ginger Snaps, Coke, cookies, and a peach. 

What do you think, should I give him away?

Frosty and His Kids

26 Mar


Frosty has one love, kids.  Frosty is a Great Pyrenees, full of fluff and love.  He can also be a fierce protector if he feels that anything is being threatened here at the farm.

One activity that he loves more than anything else is to sit on the laps of kids and on occasion, lying on them.  He weighs 130 pounds, but the kids still encourage him to lie on them.  On this particular day, Chris, bored with watching his brother Michael ride, decided to see if Frosty would sit on him too.  Chris sat on the ground and patted his stomach welcoming the pup to sit.  Frosty wagged his tail in anticipation of having a new friend and sat.

Chris laughed and assured me that he could still breath.  His parents laughed and Chris was grinning from ear to ear.  He had found love too.  His brother had found love in riding Pumpkin and Chris found love in a big furry dog, named Frosty.  They both found what they were looking for in furry creatures at a farm that raises dreams.

Do you have an animal that loves to do strange things?  Please share!

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