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21 Jul

The middle fence rails were out, this means one thing, my pony, Buttons is out. Panic set in.   It was only 5:00 in the morning. I had to go to work, now I had a real problem on my hands, Buttons was gone.  I turned on the lights in the feed room and discovered that there had been a slaughter of every edible thing.  That included dry bran mash, supplements for joints, horse treats, cat food, and who knows what else. 

Immediately, my panicked voice split the morning air with a plaintive call for Buttons.  No sound, only whinnies from my other disgruntled horses that their feed time was being interrupted by this very bad pony. 

I walked into the fields exploring the turn out sheds, there he was. Apparently, he let himself out and when he was spent from gorging, he let himself back in.

His swollen belly told me that he was in trouble.  Immediately, I grabbed Banamine and gave him a dose.  I was somewhat worried about him. He was not looking too perky or happy with himself. He was showing no outward signs of collicking, but I discernrf his discomfort.

Then, as God always does, He showed me an idea to solve the problem.  I grabbed one of the feed sacks and tied it to the tree.  Then I grabbed the portly pony, and walked him by the tree.  The wind flapped the bag and he bolted forward and then stopped and stared at this very scary scene.  He snorted and then lifted his tail and promptly pooped. 

Here is my plea- free pony.  His name is Buttons, he likes to escape, enjoys early morning feed binges, will bite your butt if you don’t keep your eye on him, loves to be squirted with the hose on hot days, enjoys playing long and hard with the other horses, he is extremely intelligent, and loves to be ridden.  Though he is portly, he jumps carefully and well.  He is a handful for an inexperienced rider, but he does not have a bad bone in him. He is ornery and enjoys “trying” out his rider to see what he can get away with.  He loves baths, grooming, and EATING!!  He has been known to eat snow cones, mint chocolate chip ice cream, Cheetos, Doritos, Ginger Snaps, Coke, cookies, and a peach. 

What do you think, should I give him away?


Equine Therapy is Like Relaxing on a Couch

13 Jun

Equine Therapy is Like Relaxing on a Couch

Katie relaxes on Quest after a hard equine therapy session!

Chickens and A Lesson Learned

22 May
Brutus and Timmy

Brutus and Timmy

We are going to a show.  Excitement is in the air.  One of my special students is a diligent helper and he is convinced that he too, is showing.  He wants to ride Brutus, a big beautiful Friesian-Cross.  There is no talking him out of it.

I call the show and ask if they would allow him to show.  He won’t have the proper clothing, and though he is sixteen years old, could we show in the lead line class?  They tell me that they will let us.

The day of the show, he is dressed in his best- a Western Shirt complete with a string tie, freshly pressed jeans, cowboy boots, and a large brimmed hat.  His smile says it all- he will disarm all unbelievers, he is here to show with the best of them.  Keep in mind this is an English show.

First class- he wins.  Second Class- second place.  Third Class- he wins.  Fourth Class- he pulls out, he is scared to trot on Brutus.  He WINS Reserve Champion.  Big ribbons, great toys, and pictures taken by the photographer for the show’s web site.  He pats Brutus and off he goes to “find” his ribbons.  He decided that he would just give his ribbons to the first “mother” he saw.

You see, he was too busy to be concerned with ribbons- he had chickens to chase.  It seems that he took the Rocky movie for truth, chasing chickens would make your reflexes like lightning.  Unlike my farm, they had chickens and every free second he had at the show, he was chasing the poor chickens.

That night as I was driving him home.  I glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw a dreamy smile pass on his face.

“Timmy, what did you like best about showing?” I asked.

“Chasing the chickens,” he said.

I guess that sums up the lesson taught to me by a very special blessing in my life.  It is not the ribbons we win, it is the experience that counts.  Who learned more that day, Timmy or Jill?  You guess it, me.  Thanks Timmy.

Did you ever get an unexpected lesson?

Your’re FIRED!

7 Apr

It happened yesterday.  I was fired.  Not let down easily, but told that I have been replaced by someone much better.  You may wonder, how does the owner of a farm get fired?  Easily, one of my students fired me.  His name is Jacob and I have written in the past about Jacob on my blog.  He is quite a colorful fixture at the farm.  Jacob has one goal, to someday be an instructor at this farm.  The problem, he is scared to death of going any faster than a walk on a horse.

One of my instructors, Tori, brought her mom to the farm.  At one time, her mother, Eileen, was an elite equestrian, showing throughout the country, teaching, and managing her own horses at her home.  At first Eileen was walking around the ring aimlessly when I encouraged Eileen to help with the lessons.  Her face lit up, she would love to help out she told me.  She had been rather despondent over the passing of her mother and Tori thought it would be a good idea for her to come out and soak up the fresh air, the excitement of the students, and of course to watch the beautiful horses.

Tori was backed up with lessons and so was I.  That’s when Eileen, always the consummate professional stepped up to the plate and volunteered to take the next student, Jacob. 

Off Jacob went with Milkshake and Miss Eileen to the round pen.  He came back glowing.  He was so excited that he said that he had just experienced the best lesson.  No one could teach like Miss Eileen, he said.  Miss Eileen got him over the fear of trotting.  He trotted four times around my 60 foot round pen.  This was monumental for Jacob.  Judging by the look on her face it was monumental to her too.  I saw a tear escape from under her dark sunglasses.  Jacob patted her shoulder.  She hugged him and he hugged her.  They shared what few experience in this world, a mutual respect.  He respected her for instilling in him confidence to do what he thought was impossible.  She respected him because she learned that she still has the love to inspire others to become their best.

Thanks Eileen for helping out.  I believe you were hired by Jacob!  I will see you Saturday!

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