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How to Speak Horse

4 Jan

Horses are unique creatures and their ability to communicate, amazes me. I hope I do not sound too strange, but my horses speak to me almost telepathically. I remember waking in the middle of the night and knowing that my horse, Raise Your Dreams, was compelling me to come to the barn. I knew that something was wrong. Though it was 2:00 in the morning and reason was trying to find a foothold in my brain, my heart told me that I would not be able to rest until I found out what was wrong. As I walked into the barn, his whinny told me that he was expecting me. He held his leg out in a weird angle and I saw fresh blood spattered on the floor. I believe he called to me as soon as it happened. He somehow had managed to puncture his leg. I quickly called the vet and started to give him some bute and clean his wound. He licked my hand and rested his head against my chest and he was telling me that he was happy that I came.

I think anyone that spends time with a horse and listens carefully, will feel their personality emerge. It is the way they knicker, paw at the ground, throw their head around, or shake their tail. It is this language that I have learned to read and understand. I am so much wiser for it.

What is there to know in learning how to speak horse? Just watch the horses in the field as they communicate to others in the herd, listen to them by watching their body language. Watch their tails, how they hold their ears, what they do with their mouth, and then slowly but surely, you will begin to learn how to speak horse.

Once you learn how to speak horse, you will know another dimension of them that you never knew was possible. Your life will be richer and fuller because a relationship with a horse only makes you a better human. Learn how to speak horse and then you will be a wiser human.

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