Save the Babies Game

30 Apr

For all those that teach- I came across this blog and found it not only informative but had great ideas! Hope you enjoy!

Lessons in Therapeutic Riding

One of our instructors in training played this super cute game with her young riders today, so I asked if I could share it on the blog. I’m not sure what its name was, but this is what I named it.

Save the Babies Game

Supplies/Arena Setup

  • 3 barrels and 2 sign posts or jump stands – clustered on one side of the arena
  • 4 upright poles – down centerline
  • Baby animals – scattered throughout these two areas
  • 2 T poles with rings and 2 ground poles – on the other side of the arena
  • Mama animals – somewhere else in the arena

So it looks like this:

Kaits Game

How to play:

  • Explain to the riders that the obstacles on the ground (barrels, etc.) are the Grand Canyon, and the poles down the centerline are the Forest, and the poles on the ground are the Bridge.
  • Point out that the baby animals are…

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